What’s That Smell?

What’s that smell? We’’ve probably solved more mysteries than Sherlock Holmes. When you think you’’ve seen it all, that’s when a homeowner or business owner comes up with a new one. Over the past 35 years, M. Cary & Daughters Plumbing has been called in to solve many mysterious smells and sounds.

For example, a nice lady in Doraville called us complaining of a peculiar smell coming from her bathtub drain. We arrived to discover that it was more than peculiar – it downright stunk! After examining the tub exhaust vent, we produced the guilty party . . . a dead raccoon. Ol’ Rocky met his maker after getting stuck in a 4 inch exhaust pipe on the lady’s roof. Mystery solved, happy client, and we never even opened our toolbox.



We would love to hear about interesting plumbing-related fragrances and sounds you’ve experienced. We’ll post the most entertaining examples here on our website. Send pictures and stories to: info@mcaryanddaughters.com