Water Leak Detection Service Decatur

Do you have higher than normal water bills?  If all of a sudden you get an abnormally high water bill, you could have an expensive water leak. Leaking faucets, toilets, or water lines can quickly cause your water bill to rise. Left without repair, these leaks can cause property damage and even greater damage to your family’’s budget. A water line or plumbing leak is an area for a professional to help solve, as experience and equipment is the quickest way to cure this problem which only gets worse over time. However, many times our customers ask us how they can conserve water to keep their water bills in check.

If your home is old by water conservation standards,(say built before 1993) you can replace old, high consumption shower heads, faucets or toilet tank parts with more efficient units.  In fact, in today’s plumbing world, shower heads, toilets and faucets are built with energy and water conservation in mind. Georgia adopted new hi-efficiency plumbing standards in 2012, so even if your home is newer than 1993, there’s still room to save even more water! As an example, according the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) estimates, an average family of four can save more than $140 annually JUST BY REPLACING an older toilet (pre-1993) with a new, more conservation-minded unit.  That $140 savings equates to 400 loads of laundry or 15,000 gallons of water! If you see an ‘all of a sudden high water bill’ you very well may have a leak in your system – especially if you live in an older home.

Have any questions about how you can make your plumbing more energy or water efficient?   Call The Girls at 404-370-0999 and we’ll give you the ‘intel’ to make the right decision for you and your family.