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Have a plumbing question? Enter it here and click the submit button. We will respond as soon as possible to help solve your issue. If you have questions, we have 3 solutions:  (1) Review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  (2) Submit your question using our Ask The Girls form.  (3) Call us at 404-370-0999. Sometimes we can solve your problem right over the phone.


Have a plumbing question? Enter it here and click the submit button. We will respond as soon as possible to help solve your issue. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

I’ve heard that your company is expensive, how do you compare price-wise to other plumbing companies? While we can’t comment on what other companies charge, our rates are based on our costs of doing business. From the client feedback we get (and believe me, they shop) our pricing is very competitive. There will always be cheaper companies, as well as more expensive companies. We don’t strive to be the least or most expensive. We simply aim to provide the best service possible at the fairest cost to you. Also, please be aware that we are providing you with the highest quality materials available. This may cost more in the beginning than some “economy” materials you might see elsewhere, but with our guaranteed service you will save in the long run.

Do you work by the hour, or on a flat rate system? Most of our projects are based on a flat rate system. We’ve found this to be the fairest way to charge for our services. Charging by the hour rewards less skilled mechanics as it takes them longer to complete a job, thereby, costing you more money.

Do you do small jobs, or just major renovations? We do anything and everything related to plumbing. This ranges from the smallest repair to major renovations and completely new additions. We also service and/or replace the main water and sewer lines in your yard. We can also help you with gas leaks and gas line additions for new appliances or fireplaces. If you have a question whether something is in the scope of what we do, just call and we’ll be happy to go over it with you.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover). Checks and cash are always welcome too.

Do you provide after hours or emergency service? Not at this time. We will gladly make service calls on Saturdays if you would like to make an appointment.

Do you warrant your work? Yes, we do. We are so confident of our work that we have an extensive warranty program. The length and extent of each warranty is dependent on the scope of work. Just ask us for details.

Are there really any Daughters, and do they actually do any of the work? Yes, and it’s funny how often we’re asked this question. Founder Mitchel Cary’s daughters Melissa and Michelle not only manage the business, but also roll up their sleeves and work with our crews in the field.

How long have you been in business? We’ve been plumbing in the Atlanta area since 1978. That puts us at just over 35 years in the same neighborhoods, same houses, for the same folks!

Do you use sub-contractors? Rarely. Sometimes we work with other companies to get a job done, but they are legitimate businesses with a real stake in upholding their standards as well as our own. In all cases you work directly with us. We manage all projects and any work done by a sub-contractor brought in by us is covered by your warranty and backed by us. We stand by any work done under the name of M. Cary and Daughters.

Do you provide fixtures and faucets or do I have to purchase my own? That depends on the project and the kind of faucet or fixtures you want. We provide a wide range of brands and styles, and work closely with leading suppliers to offer almost any fixture you may need. We stock Wolverine Brass faucets, and TOTO toilets. Please keep in mind that we only warrant faucets and fixtures that we supply, and cannot warrant a client-provided faucet or fixture.

How do you address today’s “green” or “eco-friendly” needs? There are many ways in which you can “Go Green” with your plumbing system. First and foremost is water conservation. This can be achieved by making sure your shower heads, aerators, and toilets are “low flow” certified. We use natural materials that can be recycled at the end of their lifetime, such as copper and brass. We also recommend using energy efficient methods of water heating, such as tankless water heaters, which help save natural resources, as well as saving you money on your gas bill. You could also consider a “grey water” or “rain barrel” system for irrigation purposes. These are just examples of what can be done to reuse and conserve natural resources and “Go Green.” Give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer your questions and help you plan a “green” project.

Why should I call you instead of a handyman? Knowledge and expertise. We are highly trained, licensed and insured plumbing professionals. Think about the importance of the plumbing in your life and the havoc that can be caused by water leaks, sewage overflows, and gas leaks. It takes years of training and experience to master the trade of plumbing in order to be safe, efficient and cost effective. We have spent many years learning and perfecting the art of our trade.