About Us

With over 35 years of plumbing experience, M. Cary and Daughters has earned a reputation as the “Old House Specialists”. We are always ready to assess your plumbing issue and provide quick and friendly service. The girls learned the trade well from their Master Plumber father, Mitchel, who would always say about them, “I’ll send them anywhere I would send a guy. If they’re going to be plumbers, I want them to be the best!”

When they were 18 and 16, Melissa and Michelle were featured in the October 1986 Ms. Magazine article, “Plumbers With A Twist”. When asked why they enjoyed working in a predominantly male oriented field, their response was, “We get to make a mess and not get in trouble for it! How great is that?”

Besides, the girls were teenagers at the time and had designer jeans to pay for. At age 20, Melissa obtained her Master Plumber’s license, and was the youngest female Master Plumber in the Southeast. Having taken over her own truck two years prior, she recruited her sister Michelle as her helper, and the two were happily going from job to job fitting in crawlspaces most guys could only dream of fitting in.

As the company started to grow, Michelle moved into the office to oversee scheduling, parts ordering and invoicing. Melissa remains in the field and oversees every aspect of every job, whether it’s physically on the job or just a phone call away. While we do plumbing on residential and commercial buildings of all types and ages, we have developed a specialty of working on older homes. This has earned us the reputation as the “Old House Specialists”.

Since 1978, we have strived to become a household name in Decatur and throughout Metro Atlanta.   We offer the highest quality plumbing services at competitive prices. If you are ONLY price shopping and looking for the least expensive plumbing company in town, we may not be your solution. If, however, you are looking for a plumbing partner for your project (repair or renovation) we promise you will be pleased with our performance.